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"This is my favorite of all the services I have tried."


"You've got applications, electronics devices, and gift cards, so its all good!"


"You get a ton of points for downloading apps...use them towards apps, electronics, and gift cards."

Our Reward options

App Store

We offers redemption codes for all of the hottest and most wanted App Store apps. This allows users to earn quick rewards without reaching the $10 minimum limit of an iTunes gift card. Some of our current offers consist of: A Dark Room, Backlip Madness, Facetune, Monument Valley, Bridge Constructor, Cut The Rope, Pixlgun 3D, TextPics, Corridor, Plague Inc, Sleep Cycle Alarm, Angry Bird Star Wars, FieldRunners 2, Kingdom Rush Frontiers, Camera +, Block Fortress, Tweetbot 3, Puffin Browser, TeamSpeak 3, Terraria, Lego LOTR, GTA Vice City, Infinity Blade III, Order and Chaos, Minecraft PE and 1Password.

Our Team

Adrian D'Urso

Ceo & Founder

Adrian D'Urso is the Co-Founder of JailbreakNation.com and Youtube.com/iPodUplink, two jailbreak/technology sources that have been visited over one hundred million times. He currently studies computer science at University of California, Santa Cruz.

Tanner Marsh

Ceo & Founder

Tanner Marsh is an entrepreneur, webmaster and a producer. Tanner is also a professional technology reporter, the owner of Jailbreak Tech Info and the YouTube channel iCrackUriDevice and manages another iOS tutorial site by the name of Jailbreak Evasion Info, which specializes in jailbreak-related content.


Head Developer

Marcus is a developer, hacker, designer, and entrepreneur. He founded weblininstaller.com.

Misbah Khan

Senior iOS Developer

Misbah Khan is a developer who has worked on multiple websites and apps.

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